Friday Dec 07th, 2018


Let’s face it, moving is stressful. But being organized and knowing what needs to be done will lessen that stress. This moving checklist can help you stay on track! With some guidance and this 8-week guide to your upcoming move, you’ll be sure to have everything done between now and the big day, leaving you plenty of time to celebrate.


8 weeks before you move:


It’s important to start your planning early – there are lots to do to prepare, lots of little things that are easy to forget. You’ll be thankful that you started early and used this check list, especially after you are sitting with your feet propped up in your new home!


1. Create a “moving” file or folder to store quotes, receipts, and records related to your move. For example, moving company quotes, packaging material pricing. With so much on your mind it is hard to remember all the details. Putting the file on a sharing site like Google Drive or Dropbox will allow everyone involved to have immediate access to it. Remember to keep these receipts to file at tax time – Can you say deductions?


2. Hiring a moving company? Schedule in-home estimates with various Moving Companies. Compare their quotes and make sure you hire someone you feel you can trust. 


  • Read over all documents from your movers (if using them) before signing anything. Contracts and other paperwork can be confusing, so make sure you understand what they mean before signing. Make sure the company you have hired is licensed and insured – do your due diligence.
  • Plan how to move fragile or unusual items, such as guns, pianos, fine art, pool tables or safes. The movers you hire may not be qualified to move some larger (or more expensive) items, so you may need to hire a specialty mover to do the job. Make sure you’re aware of exactly what the movers you hired will and will not move.



3. Create a realistic budget for moving expenses. If you are hiring movers to do the work for you most of this will be included in their quote, but if you are doing it yourself with your best friends (because really only your best friends will help you move!), there are things to consider like moving supplies (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, dolly rentals, food and beverages for your friends, truck rental, hotels and fuel if you are moving far away.


4. Request time off work for moving day. Some employers may require lots of notice for time off requests. If you can, plan to take off and move on a Friday. That gives you the rest of the weekend to get yourself organized.


5. Moving to a new school district? Find out from the School Board what school your kids will be attending and request transcripts for your kids from their current school to be transferred to the new school.


6.  Plan a garage sale. We all manage to collect stuff that we eventually store in the basement or attic then proceed to forget about. Now is the time to purge this stuff that we don't need or use. Donate anything left over from the garage that you couldn’t sell.

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