Friday Dec 07th, 2018


When you’re six weeks out from a move, it’s important to make sure you’re getting all your ducks in a row. Don’t worry, six weeks is plenty of time to get it all done.

6 weeks before you move:

1. Collect free boxes from restaurants liquor, grocery, and office supply stores. You can also pay a visit to your local bookstore. They have more boxes than they know what to do with and will be more than happy to hand them over for free.

2. Pack a little every day. You don’t want to find yourself packing all of your belongings the night before.

3. Create an inventory sheet of all your valuables before they go on the moving truck. Also, keep a private list of which boxes you packed your valuables in.

4. Research packing hacks to make moving day easier. Better still we came up with a list of hacks for you. Check out The Art of Packing

      Here are a few quick tips:

  •  Label your moving boxes using different coloured stickers/tape for each room. This will make your life a ton easier when you’re all moved in and ready to start unpacking.
  •  Mark moving boxes that are fragile. You don’t want textbooks stacked on top of your grandmother’s china.  
  • Take photos of all electronics before unplugging them. This will help jog your memory when you’re reconnecting things such as your TV and stereo.  
  •  Put all your hardware in labeled baggies for easy furniture reassembly.
  •  Gather socks, t-shirts, towels, and linens to use as free packing supplies. Wrapping water glasses in dish towels? Why not - you are moving them anyway and it saves money on packing supplies.


5. If you’re moving into an apartment, find out if there are any moving day requirements. Book the moving elevator for your day.


6. Confirm parking options for your moving truck – you may need a permit for moving day.


7. Address minor home repairs before moving out. If you live in an apartment, this might be the difference between getting your security deposit back, or not.


8. If you’re moving cross country, have your vehicles serviced. The last thing you want is to deal with a breakdown mid-move! Plan your route and book hotels.


9. If your move requires shipping your car, don’t leave anything in it! Spare tires and jacks might go missing. Book with a reputable company.


10. Measure doorways, stairways, and elevators to make sure all your furniture will fit. Measure twice – move once!


11. Research your new community. Find your new favourite hangout spot, community center, library or restaurant! Yelp and Foursquare are great places to start.

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