Friday Dec 07th, 2018


The week has come! It’s time to make sure you organize your belongings, finish packing, and clean your old home. Make sure everything’s squared away early. It’ll allow for a stress-free moving day – and who wouldn’t want that?

The week you move:


1. Make sure you canceled and/or redirected scheduled deliveries.


2. Clean your current home for the next resident. Your agreement states the condition the home should be left in.


3. Unplug your fridge and freezer to defrost the night before. Make sure you lay a towel in front of it to absorb any water that leaks.


4. Drain water hoses to your washing machine and ice maker. Clean lint from dryer.


5. Empty oil and gas from grills, heaters, lawn mowers, and snow blowers.


6. Leave a note or small gift for new residents.


7. Make sure nothing is hiding on shelves or in closet corners.


8. Watch the weather channel and prepare for rain or snow.


9. Pack an essentials box with everything you’ll need for your first 24 hours in your new home. Mark it clearly to be open first! See The Art of Packing


10. Take photographs of your empty place to prove it’s in move-out condition.


11. Withdraw cash to tip your movers.


12. Clean your new place. This will be the only time your house will be completely empty and you can clean every nook and cranny. Don’t you want your new place to be in tip-top shape and sparkling from head to toe?


  • While you are there, stock fridge with beverages and snacks so you have something cold to offer your friends who are helping you move.


Moving day is here! All your moving prep has led you to this very moment. On the day of your move, make sure you get an early start. Start the day off right and get moving. The earlier you move in, the more time you will have to start unpacking and settling into your new home.


Moving day:


1. Rise and shine! Set an alarm and get up early on moving day. (Did you even sleep?)


2.Protect your floors and carpets during the move. Make a path with kraft brown paper or empty boxes. Have inside and outside people.


3. They’ve worked hard for you all day, don’t forget to tip your movers. If you have friends helping your move? Make sure you have cold beverages and food.


4. As soon as your movers leave, unpack your essentials box, make your bed and unpack your shower curtain and toiletries.


5. Go grocery shopping. At this point, you’ve eaten enough take out. Having food in the house will also prevent you from unnecessary spending.


6. Don’t have curtains or shades yet? Cover your windows with sheets for privacy for your first night. This will help you sleep more comfortably, trust us.


7. Thank your real estate agent or broker. They’re the reason why you’ve moved into your beautiful new home. A simple thank you note goes a long way.


Enjoy your new home.


Here is a handy check list of all the people/agencies you need to notify of your change in address (if it applies to you):



Revenue Canada


Canada Pension


Accountant/Tax Preparer


Driver’s Licence Office


Insurance Provider (home & auto)








Credit Cards


Utilities (Water/Hydro)


Internet/Cable/Satellite provider


Telephone provider: Home and Cell




Lawn Service


Post Office


Property Taxes






Subscriptions: magazines, mail orders, newspapers


Family & friends


Memberships: Gym, yoga studio or other clubs





Bonus: The Art of Packing; How to fit more of your stuff in fewer boxes and keep it safe

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